[Interviews] - Independent Artist @TheRealMissNana is on the Move!

Miss Nana
Location: Newark, NJ
Genre/s: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Endless Summer / Independent

TMC: Who is Miss Nana, for those who don't know you.    
NaNa: Miss Nana; young talented black women with the drive of 10 truckers, Lol. 10 year veteran in this Hip-Hop field and inspire to be an inspiration.

TMC: What was it about music that made you want to pursue it as a career?    
NaNa: Honestly I never thought id be a rapper ... It was something that was inside of me that I didn't know could make me a superstar . Wittiness , flows , bars ... All of that! I'm a VERY private person so after doing music i was able to express myself ... The people love it , and I love clearing and spreading my thoughts. Perfect couple .

TMC: Musically who can you say influences you?    
NaNa: Jay Z , my pops Big7 , Jcole, Drake , Wayne , Beyonce, Lauryn Hill , and Eminem . More but I'm sure we don't have all day lol

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?    
NaNa: Honestly? Being myself . There's no pressure or negative influence to be something/someone your not . I say what I believe , feel , see , things confused about , list goes on . I'm just presenting a "ME " package and its up to the people to either buy it (believe it) . ALL of my successful music influences were just being themselves .

TMC: We seen that you had a mixtape coming out, "90s Baby". What is to be expected from that? Features, the Vibe, etc?    
NaNa: 90s baby is a mix of original and "borrowed" records lol . I hopped on some dope joints and remixed and I worked with some very talented producers from around the world . The tape gives you the same feelings you would feel when 90s rap was occurring . Concepts , fun , originally , flows all the good stuff ! Not too many features , it's my first mixtape back so I want the people to get to know what I been up to and catching them up . One of FAV mixtapes out of 12 :)

TMC: What has been the best advice given to you?     NaNa: Best advice ? ..... Be original , it's no time limit on that. Or/and , Stay hungry

TMC: Since you've started music, tell us about your most significant achievement?     NaNa: Performing at Masson sq garden .. 3 times , as an unsigned artist . WHOAH !

TMC: Every artist believes they have what it take to make it. What is it that makes Miss Nana unique?     NaNa: What I'm bringing to the table is something that hasn't been done is a very long time . I'm multi-talented , creative , hungry and straight forward. My music has substance , originality and influential . I'm someone the generation under me can look up to . I'm the future

TMC: What's something people may not know about you?     NaNa: Umm, I would say .... I'm shy as all hell. Lol in my music I come off aggressive , but outside of music I'm sooooo shy !

TMC: Other than the mixtape, what else is in the works?     NaNa: I'm working on a second mixtape already and work on the album as well. The main focus now is the 90sbaby mixtape that's dropping aug 6th. Super excited for it to drop , hope the people feel the same ! Ohhnana.com :)
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