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"How you treat me is Your Karma. How I react is Mine!"


TMC: For those who don't know, can you introduce yourself?
Karma: Hola beautiful people! My name is Karma aka Karma 'The Artist.' I am a singer/songwriter producer and engineer from Los Angeles, CA.

TMC: What was it about music that made you want to pursue it as a career?
Karma: I remember holding my ear up to the radio when I was only a few years old and trying to mimmic what I heard. Or beating on the bed post and making up random songs about candy and play time. It was just in me from early on. Then I took the stage at 8 years old and from there I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

TMC: Musically who can you say influences you?
Karma: My earliest influences are Michael Jackson, Prince and Mary J. Blige. The biggest influence though was Aaliyah. It wasn't just her music but how she carried herself. She was classy and graceful and her style was always on point.

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?
Karma: My favorite thing about being an artist is the reaction I get from my fans. People who tell me I inspired them to get started or motivated them to keep going. That's priceless. Aside from that I just love being on stage. It's where I feel free!


TMC: Every artist believes they have what it take to make it. What is it that makes Karma unique?Karma: My brand and consistency. Karma is not an alter ego but a way of life. Who I am on and off the stage are synonymous. I'm looking to redefine the word Karma and show the world that all Karma isn't bad. Every song, video or visual that I do tells a story that compliments the last, like chapters. Besides that, I am a female artist who can put a song together from start to finish on my own and have cultivated my own movement.

TMC: Can you tell us about any projects you are working on now?Karma: Well right now I working on a new album. I haven't decided on a title for it as I would like to have it finished before I label it. But it's definitely going to elevate my sound and delve more into Karma the person, my story. I am also launching my own company Good Karma Ent. and my non profit organization. Planning to help by giving back and paying forward the things I've learned and have been blessed with.

TMC: What has been your most significant achievement for you since in this industry?Karma: Well I would honestly say it was touring with a band that opened for the legendary Maze & Frankie Beverly and the Isley Bros. That was a life changing experience and was the reason I left my job to do music full time. It inspired to step out into the forefront and pursue my goals on a whole new level.

TMC: What has been the best advice given to you?Karma: The best advice I ever received was when performing, to get in the art of sharing and NOT proving. My gifts and talents are already mine so I don't need anyone to validate it. It's up to you to like it or leave it but no matter what no one can take it away. Once I heard/learned that I felt invincible. Like I could do anything!

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about Karma.Karma: Many people may not know that I started off as an educated. I used to teach music, yoga and money management to youth between the ages of 6-13. If I didn't do music I would be teaching somewhere and just as happy. So that's why I call myself and edu-tainer. I still teach but through my music. People may also be surprised to learn that I practice abstinence but that's for another interview. (Smiles)

TMC: What's in the near future for you?Karma: In the future you can catch me putting together, hosting and performing at regular shows at the Karma Lounge in West LA. Next event is 7/31/13. I'll be dropping my EP this fall and doing a promo tour as well under my own umbrella Good Karma Ent. Overall you can expect to see a lot from me in the future and the entire "Good Karma" movement.
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