[Fashion] - Q&A with the CEO of Up&Coming Streetwear @RareBeliefs

Rare Beliefs Clothing
Location: Atlanta


Rare Beliefs Clothing is a line made for those who never gave 
up and to inspire those to never give up... one shirt at a time. Not 
only one shirt at a time, but one belief at a time. That rare belief will be 
the reason why you didn't give... No matter what age... 
no matter what situation, you stayed Young with those Rare Beliefs and you made it.

TMC: Tell us how you came up with the name for your clothing line?
RB: The name was the most difficult part for me to come up with. I wanted the name and line to represent a part of myself as always being weird and seeing the world differently from everyone else so I came with "Rare Beliefs". The line originally started off as "Strange Thoughts" but seemed too simple to me, thus the name Rare Beliefs quote on quote strange thoughts came around.

TMC: So how did you get started? Was it just an out of the blue thing or was there a process for you?
RB: The process for the line began when I started getting a dislike for many clothing lines, from how boring their designs and clothing were becoming and to how high their prices were raising for simple clothes. I wanted to make my own line, with hot designs everyone would love and that stood out from other brands. Clothes that would be affordable for the people with out the arm and leg cutting prices.

TMC: What’s the concept or vision behind your designs?
RB: The vision for my line is to always stand out and be different. I never wanted or want any of my designs to be normal but to always have a twist on the designs and to make people wonder and think what's the concept behind that idea. I never tell anyone of the meaning behind my ideas or clothing because to me that would ruin their imagination and the creativity of what they thought was behind it. That would just take the fun out of everyone having strange thoughts about my line.

TMC: What do you want people to see when they look at a piece of Rare Belief Clothing?RB: I want people to see that it's alright to be different when they see a piece from Rare Beliefs Clothing. Not just purposely being different from the rest of the world but to be yourself. That weird, full of life, creative but rare individual that you are and to embrace it by doing your own thing with confidence.

TMC: What are your influences or inspiration behind your designs? If Any.RB: Inspirations behind Rare Beliefs Clothing that got everything started would be My favorite clothing lines: Mishka, Johnny Cupcakes, and Billionaire Boys Club. Without those three lines inspiring this dream, I don't think none of this would be possible if not possible then not the same as it would be with my beliefs. 

TMC: There are a lot of people coming out with Lines, what do you feel separates your line from the rest?RB: With all the new lines and current lines coming up and expanding, I feel like the major thing that would separate me from them and other lines would be consistency, going the extra mile for customers, and to expand my designs/concepts from street wear to different styles of designing to attract and amaze new and current supporters.

TMC: Give us a few fashion tips than can be useful?RB: My most important fashion tip would be, to just stay true to yourself. Not to worry about the trends and if people would like it but to set your own trends and to design things that you would like and believe in. To me, when it comes to fashion, it's not about seeing the world in everyone else's vision but to make the world see life in  vision.

TMC: What's one major “fashion NO-NO” to you?RB: One major NO-NO to me in fashion is taking someone's else's work or designs and making it your own without giving them credit. I do believe we all learn, recycle, and inspire one another and with that we'll see many likes with similar ideas or concepts but that's natural. It's called inspiration and we should all inspire one another but to just fully take another's idea and to claim it as your own work with no credit is a No-No to me.

TMC: What have you learned being an up and coming line, Good & Bad?RB: I've learned that it's as easy as it looks and won't happen over night. Yes things get rough and sometimes you feel the need to quit or take a long break but No, keep pushing. People love your grind as an up and coming clothing line and others even want to see you fail. You have to keep that fire alive and motivate yourself to keep going even if no one else is there to support. Plenty mistakes will be made but you can choose to either learn from them or suffer. Never be afraid of failure because without failure we wouldn't see room for improvement to help us succeed.
TMC: Every Clothing line usually has a “motto” or a “saying” that represents their clothing line, what is yours?RB: My only motto for the time being is "Young with Rare Beliefs" forever young and forever dreaming, keep those dreams alive and keep striving for success.

TMC: What plans do you have in the near future for you line?
RB: The only plans in the near future I have dealing with Rare Beliefs Clothing is to keep at it. Building a large fan base, collaboration and so on. I wish to see Rare Beliefs Clothing come up from just a street wear brand to a more hand made clothing and different styles.

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